Detroit’s Best Restaurants


Mumma Maria’s House

You can always try Italian cuisine at this restaurant. You can always order here good meatballs, ravioli and chicken parmigiano. Mumma Maria’s House serves appetizing cannoli and good ice cream. From a visitor’s point of view, this place offers delicious wine or good beer.

You can have a delicious dinner at this place on the open veranda. Customers of this institution say that the prices here are democratic. According to guests, the atmosphere here is pleasant.

Oak and Reel

Go to this restaurant and discover Italian cuisine. It is worth stopping by Oak and Reel to try the deliciously cooked halibut, grilled octopus and ravioli. Many visitors recommend trying the mouthwatering gelato, cheesecake and donuts here. In this place it is worth ordering a good Prosecco, tequila or white wine. Here you can try good coffee.

The romantic atmosphere of this place is suitable for a special dinner or lunch. Guests say that the staff at this restaurant is wonderful. Oak and Reel offers dishes at attractive prices. According to customers’ reviews, the interior here is luxurious.


Many customers of this restaurant recommend ordering a good beef tenderloin, grilled scallops and lamb meat. In Marrow you should try delicious strawberry ice cream, cinnamon donuts and almond cookies. You can order good wine, cider or liquor here. Be sure to order a good chocolate frappe, tea or juices.

The cozy atmosphere of this place allows visitors to relax after a working day. Most guests point out that the staff in this institution is knowledgeable. Many visitors write that the service here is impressive. This restaurant offers dishes at low prices. Many guests note that the interior here is modern.